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Sample banner

Banners provide a temporary pop-up at the top of the screen that automatically dismiss after five seconds. Banners usually include an app's name, primary message, details, and a response callback upon clicking 'Respond'.


ASNotificationBanner(applet=None, message, withDetails, responseCallback=Return('didClickRespond'))


  • applet: (Optional) The app object to pass in. If None, the app icon and bundle name on the top will display as "Unknown Bundle".
  • message: (Required) The main message or sender.
  • withDetails: (Required) The details of the message.
  • responseCallback (Optional) The action to run upon clicking "Respond".


  • If the notification times out and dismisses, the banner will return 'notificationTimedOut'.
  • If the notification's response callback is left as the default, the banner will return 'didClickRespond' when clicking the "Respond" button.