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Prospect Park (2.0.0)

The following document covers the latest changes in AliceOS Prospect Park (v. 2.0.0). If you are upgrading from Developer Beta 3, you can read the latest changes since that release.

Before you upgrade

AliceOS Prospect Park is a dramatic overhaul of the classic AliceOS and may break upon installation. Please review everything carefully.


  • The system organization has migrated over to a macOS-styled directory structure with System, Library, and Applications.
  • Installation has changed over to an RPA-based solution. Installation now is as simple as dragging the RPA.
  • AliceOS APIs, class names, and function names have been renamed and switch over to camel case instead of snake case.


  • Applets have been deprecated in favor of new apps written with AppKit in mind.
  • Apps no longer need to declare a desktop shell component as this is handled by the native applicationWillLaunch method.
  • Apps can now write starup/login services via applicationWillLaunchAtLogin() and check for System Events permissions with applicationShouldLaunchAtLogin().
  • Notifications and alerts in AppKit are now invoked in a new context instead of interrupting the current one.
  • The 48 pixel icon entry in ASAppRepresentative has been re-added.
  • If unimplemented, applicationWillLaunch() will log a warning in the terminal.
  • Introduces a new Inventories app, a fast and fun way to create and manage a game inventory.


  • Messages now displays a "Coming Soon" alert when launched from the Desktop.

Core Services and Applications

  • Applications such as Messages have been moved to System/Applications/ and use AppKit.
  • The halt screen, bootloader, and Setup Assistant are now Core Services that use ServiceKit.


  • The Desktop now uses the applicationWillLaunch method from AppKit apps to start apps accordingly and will invoke applicationWillLaunch as a Ren'Py function callback.
  • The Desktop image is defined as AS_DESKTOP_IMG.
  • The Desktop now refreshes quickly to get the latest time on the clock.

Halt screens (formerly Stop errors)

  • The halt screen uses the AliceOS dynamic blur instead of its own background.
  • A QR code has been added that redirects users to the AliceOS Error Database.
  • The text has been changed to indicate how long before AliceOS will automatically restart the game.


  • Notifications are now under the NotificationKit framework.
  • Alerts no longer appear as a white square. They now use the AliceOS dynamic blur feature.


  • The bootloader will now attempt to run any authorized startup services in a new thread.
  • An optional bootView parameter allows developers to set a custom boot screen to display instead of the default.

Setup Assistant

  • Express Mode is on by default, but can be disabled in the bootloader's boot method.
  • Instructions have been rewritten for conciseness and clarity.
  • The interface has changed to a more macOS-like experience.
  • Setup Assistant now uses ScreenKit to draw elements.


  • ScreenKit has been introduced as a means of creating user interfaces for AliceOS using Ren'Py's screen language and styling.
  • Styles for frames, vertical and horizontal boxes, text, checkbox buttons, vertical scrollbars, and push buttons have been implemented.
  • ASInterfaceTitlebar has been implemented as a smaller component to add a title bar to a given frame.
  • ScreenKit now include horizontal scrollbars and radio buttons.
  • ScreenKit frames are more rectangular.

About AliceOS

  • The main interface has been written entirely with ScreenKit and displays information from system definitions.
    • The Ren'Py version should now match the proper built version and not be hard-coded.

App Manager

  • App Manager has been introduced as a means of managing an app's permissions and viewing details about the app.
  • Apps in App Manager list their permissions as toggleable checkboxes.

Changes since Developer Beta 3


  • ASInventoryItem objects can now have an optional ID field, itemId.
  • ASInventories includes new methods:
    • export(filter=None): Return the inventory with a filter, if specified.
    • getItemById(itemId): Find an item by its ID.


  • Permission strings now reference App Manager instead of Settings.


  • showDesktop() now calls renpy.show_screen instead of renpy.call_screen. For the old behavior, reference _callDesktop().


  • AliceOS now produces builds on every push/pull request that can be accessed on GitHub Actions.


Treat these builds from GitHub as a developer release; do not use these builds in production-ready visual novels.