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Prospect Park (2.0.0) Developer Beta 2

The following document covers the latest changes in AliceOS Prospect Park (v. 2.0.0).


  • Apps can now write starup/login services via applicationWillLaunchAtLogin() and check for System Events permissions with applicationShouldLaunchAtLogin().
  • Notfications and alerts in AppKit are now invoked in a new context instead of interrupting the current one.
  • The 48 pixel icon entry in ASAppRepresentative has been re-added.
  • If unimplemented, applicationWillLaunch() will log a warning in the terminal.


  • Messages now displays a "Coming Soon" alert when launched from the Desktop.


  • Apps on the desktop will invoke applicationWillLaunch as a Ren'Py function callback instead of calling the Python function directly to prevent continuous calls.
  • The main views in Desktop now have empty parameter lists to resolve linter warnings.

Known Issues

  • The Desktop doesn't hide the quick menu.
  • The showDesktop() method from ASDesktop doesn't work in Ren'Py screen language when calling it as a button action.


  • Use Ren'Py's Function call to run showDesktop() or make a call directly to the screen.


Known issues

  • Notification banners do not make a sound.


  • Include a sound in your applet and make a wrapper around applicationWillRequestNotification().


  • The bootloader will now attempt to run any authorized startup services in a new thread.
  • An optional bootView parameter allows developers to set a custom boot screen to display instead of the default.


  • ScreenKit has been introduced as a means of creating user interfaces for AliceOS using Ren'Py's screen language and styling.
  • Styles for frames, vertical and horizontal boxes, text, checkbox buttons, vertical scrollbars, and push buttons have been implemented.
  • ASInterfaceTitlebar has been implemented as a smaller component to add a title bar to a given frame.

About AliceOS

  • The main interface has been written entirely with ScreenKit and displays information from system definitions.

App Manager

  • App Manager has been introduced as a means of managing an app's permissions and viewing details about the app.
  • Apps in App Manager list their permissions as toggleable checkboxes.