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AliceOS Definitions

To make referencing common AliceOS build settings and structures easier, AliceOS provides the following definitions and dictionaries. These are located in System/ASDefinitions.rpy and can be modified if necessary.

AliceOS release definitions

These definitions are used to specify important release information regarding AliceOS. These definitions might be referenced to specify OS version information to the user, in a help screen, for example. This is stored as a dictionary in AS_SYS_INFO

Definition name Used for
VERSION The release version. Typically X.x.x; this isn't the build number generated from the Git hash
COMMON_NAME The common name for the release. (ex. "Prospect Park")
BUILD_ID The build number as generated by the Git hash or the Travis tag

Directory definitions

Definition name Points to Used for
AS_SYSTEM_DIR System/ The default System directory.
AS_FRAMEWORKS_DIR System/Frameworks/ The default Frameworks directory.
AS_CORESERVICES_DIR System/CoreServices/ The default Core Services directory.
AS_DEFAULT_APP_DIR System/Applications/ The default System applications directory. This isn't necessary for developer use.
AS_FONTS_DIR System/Fonts/ The default Fonts directory.
AS_APPS_DIR Applications/ The default Applications directory.
AS_LIBRARY_DIR System/Library/ The default Library directory.

Framework directory definitions


The directory where a particular Framework is located. Makes use of AS_FRAMEWORKS_DIR.


  • FRAMEWORK_NAME: The name of the framework to reference. Example: NotificationKit


The path to the framework. Example: System/Frameworks/NotificationKit.aosframework/

Permissions definitions

These definitions are used to specify important strings when asking the user permission for a particular item. These are dictionaries that include the values for a particular permission.

  • AS_REQUIRE_PERMS_NAME: The dictionary containing the name of the permission name. Example: "Send Notifications"
  • AS_REQUIRE_PERMS_DESC: The dictionary containing the description of a permission. Example: "Notifications may include banners, alerts, and sounds. These can be configured in Settings."