System Applet (Pendleton)

AliceOS comes with a unique applet designed for system notifications and processes that must be executed in such a manner: Pendleton.

Applet Information

  • short_name - Pendleton
  • long_name - AliceOS System
  • version - Uses AliceOS version
  • author - AliceOS Developers
  • permissions - pm_notify, pm_files, pm_sysadmin
  • description - Send system notifications.

In code, Pendleton is called as SystemUIServer.

Sending notifications

To send a notification on the behalf of the system, use Pendleton's send_temporary_notification() functionality. However, there are certain cases in which this should be used:

  • A system action is performed (eg. file save, user added)
  • An update or more information on the system is available
  • Anything that does not pertain to an Applet, both first-party and third-party