Distributing AliceOS

AliceOS is fully supported when testing and developing Ren'Py projects. However, some Ren'Py options configurations may not fully support packaging AliceOS components into the final game.

Editing Options

To add AliceOS to the build's artifacts, add the following lines to your options.rpy:

# Classify AliceOS files as AliceOS
build.classify("game/Applets/**", "aliceos")
build.classify("game/CoreServices/**", "aliceos")
build.classify("game/Frameworks/**", "aliceos")
build.classify("game/Resources/**", "aliceos")

# Package AliceOS as an RPA

Alternatively, if developers want to bundle AliceOS by other means, note that the core folders must be included in the build.

DDLC Mod Template


For those that are making modifications to Doki Doki Literature Club!, we recommend grabbing the DDLC Mod Template maintained by Project Alice. This flavor already imports the bootloader and adds the proper options to package AliceOS as a part of the game.

Get the template ›