AliceOS Documentation (master)

AliceOS brings new features and experiences to any Ren'Py project. From giving users notifications to its extensibility with Applets, AliceOS makes any visual novel more exciting and enriching for its players and developers.

Important:Looking for documentation on AliceOS Prospect Park and later? Learn more here. This documentation will be deprecated once AliceOS Prospect Park has been released.

Getting started

If you want to use AliceOS with any particular version of the Ren'Py SDK, it's best to grab a copy of the source code and compile it manually:

git clone

To add the source code directly to your game, take the contents of the root directory and copy them over to your Ren'Py project's game folder.

Important:Back up your data and settings before performing an upgrade to AliceOS. Some features or settings may be overwritten when git fetch; git pull is run.

Module System (BETA)

Alternatively, developers can make use of the AliceOS Module system. Developers can download the base RPA package for their respective version of Ren'Py ( or 7+) and continue to build off of this with their own source code. This gives developers and OEMs an easier method to updating the AliceOS core without needing to completely modify the existing installation.

This version is still a work-in-progress and may not work as expected.