OEM Settings

AliceOS allows distribution managers and manufacturers to easily change settings and properties of AliceOS in addition to modifying its source code. In the Resources directory, manufacturers can edit the OEMSettings.rpy file to achieve this.

General information

In order to enable the OEM mode and its settings, the following needs to be filled in.

  • aliceos.oem_mode - Whether the OEM mode should be turned on or off. Default is False.
  • aliceos_oem_info - Field for entering in provider details. An example is provided below:

oem_info = """\
OEM Name: Aperture Laboratories
OEM Website: https://aperturescience.com
OEM Support Email: [email protected]

For distribution with Aperture Science products only. If this policy is violated, please contact the support team with the email address above.


AliceOS generally displays two license agreement prompts: the standard GNU LGPL license for the platform and an OEM's agreement, usually describing the game's nature (eg. disclaimers, IP guidelines, etc.). To write your license, edit the license field:

license = """\
No license found.

If you do not wish to add an additional license, simply leave the field to its default value, No license found.

Custom fonts

By default, custom fonts are disabled. To enable them, set aliceos.oem_use_custom_font to True. Note that you'll need to have your font files in Resources/systemfont/OEM/ and they must be TrueType fonts.


If you want the font to appear larger in the Setup assistant, set aliceos.oem_large_pisa_font to True.